If you want to grow your business it’s important that you are marketing and promoting your business EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We understand that for some small business owners especially those with day jobs or other priorities it’s not always possible to dedicate the time to market your business daily. That’s where The Shoppers Market comes in to help.

Since we launched in 2020 we have worked with and helped promote well over 3000 small businesses. We utilize tools like Facebook, Instagram,  TikTok, our monthly gift guide, and our year round online market to promote small businesses EVERY DAY.

Unlike Etsy and some other markets out there, we don’t charge constant fees or take commissions. You pay one flat fee for the entire year and that covers you for one calendar year from the day you are added to the market.

So how does it work?

  1. You choose the package that best suits how much promotion you are looking for and submit your registration.
  2. We email you a Vendor Welcome Email which includes a link to a Google Doc Form to provide us with your product photos, business information, links to your website (if you have one), social media profiles for your business, and links to your online store (if you have one). A website or online store IS NOT required to participate. Many of our vendors just use their business Facebook or Instagram page as their link.
  3. Our art department and social media team builds your listing on The Shoppers Market website and adds you into the social media rotation. We build your profile and do the posting so you don’t have to!

We promote you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter weekly or daily depending on your package for your entire calendar year. Anytime you want to change out your photos or business information just email us we will change them for you. We recommend sending us new photos every month or as you want to promote new products.



PREMIUM-$100 Per Year (Less than 30 cents per day)

  • Year round listing on Shoppers Market website.
  • Listing to include business information, logo, social media links, and up to TEN
  • WEEKLY promotion on Shoppers Market Facebook, Instagram, and Twittwr pages.
  • Your listing featured on the Shoppers Market home page.
  • Thirty second promotional video created to promote your business promoted ounce a week on Facebook and Instagram.

PLATINUM – For Accelerated Growth

PLATINUM-$250 Per Year (Less than 70 cents per day)

  • Year round featured listing on Shoppers Market website.
  • Listing to include business information, logo, social media links, and up to TWENTY photos.
  • DAILY promotion on Shoppers Market Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Your listing featured on the Shoppers Market home page.
  • THREE videos produced to promote your business and promoted weekly on Instagram AND Tik Tok.
  • Ability to do a monthly giveaway on the Shoppers Market Facebook page to generate leads for your business (giveaway prize to be provided by vendor). Contest will be boosted on Shoppers Market Facebook page.
  • Ability to feature 10 products in the monthly gift guide that is emailed out to 7500 email boxes and promoted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Featured in the monthly online showcase featured at the top of our home page and promoted monthly.
  • Ability to participate in a monthly LIVE SHOPPING event with a 15 minute segment to promote your business and products streamed across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.








(Yes, we do events all over)

I had the privilege to vend for the first time in March at a  Shoppers Market event and it was AMAZING! The coordinator was so hospitable and patient. The market was very organized. Myself and the other vendors had great success. I look forward to participating in future events.

Dee Dee M.
Owner and Creator of KrackTea LLC
Gourmet Luxury Tea and Lemonade Beverage

I did an event with the Shoppers Market in December and it was a great experience. Organizer was friendly and very responsive. Instructions were clear and event went smoothly. I made some great sales and would love to participate in another event in the future.

Pomptilius Jewelry

I participate in both the online platform and in person events with the Shoppers Market. The consistent marketing and promotional opportunities they provide for vendors has really help us grow our brand and grow our audience.

Allison P

I participated in a Holiday Market event with the Shoppers Market this past holiday season. The market was fun, very well ran and organized.  My sales expectations were met very early in the event.  I will definitely be participating in future events hosted by The Shoppers Market.

Becky A
Handmade Wreath Creator

Honestly, from the very first event I have done with the Shoppers Market, I knew this opportunity would be special. It has done great things for my business in my local area. Their event is always advertised well and the location is always great! I have gained new clientele and my return clients love to come out see what’s new. It’s given me a chance to connect with my audience which I LOVE!! I highly recommend this group to other vendors that I meet while doing other pop ups. They are a great group to work with and I would recommend them to anyone.

Jakara V
Your Highness Beads & Co

Participating in Shoppers Market events has helped grow my Color Street business. Always lots of customers and the event is well organized. I love the fact they also look for ways beyond the event to promote participating vendors. A great vendor community to be apart of.

Emmie D
Color Street Representative

I absolutely loved the four Shoppers Market events i hace attended. Holiday Market! I had great success at each event. I sell epoxy and sublimation items. The staff was so friendly and helpful during the whole event process. They went above and beyond to make sure the vendors were taken care of. The Markets are held in Shopping Centers which helps with foot traffic! Tons of customers . I will definitely be Participating in future events.

Alex M

Sign me up! I love participating in Shoppers Market events. Always make my registration fee back and then some sales wise, have made many new customers, and the networking with other vendors is an added bonus. My only complaint is they need to do more events! Would definately recommend them to anyone looking to grow a small business.

Kimberly S.
Sutton Marketing LLC

My experience with the Shoppers Market has been great from day one.  Set up times are on point.  Location great.  The help is excellent. They are very accessible when it comes to communication.

Mama Cat Lemonade


What if I don’t have a website?

A website is not required. In fact, we have several vendors who use their Etsy page or Facebook page for their link. If you sign up for a Platinum or Premium Vendor Listing we will even set up your own online store for you.

How long will my listing be up in the Market?

For ONE YEAR! You only pay once for your listing and it’s displayed in the Market for one year. That also includes WEEKLY social media promotions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That’s 52 weeks of marketing for less than $1 a week.

How many customers can I expect?

While we cannot guarantee how much you will make in sales, we can promise you that we are going to deliver thousands of eyeballs and customer traffic your way. We are currently averaging almost 5000 unique visitors to the Market website per day and over 100,000 page visits per week on Facebook.  Below you can find our latest traffic numbers for the month of December.

How are you different from other Online Markets?

The big difference between our Market and others out there is the amount of exposure we are going to deliver for you. Every week WE are promoting your products and business on social media. You don’t have to do the work of posting we do it for you. In addition, the registration fees we receive from vendors is invested back into advertising the Market to attract more customers for our vendors.

Are there ongoing or additional fees?

None at all. You pay your registration fee for the year and that’s it! No commissions, no listing fees, no monthly fees.

Is the sign-up process difficult?

Not at all. All we need to get you started are your product photos, a link to where customers can place orders, and your vendor registration fee. By the way, you can change up your photos whenever you would like. Just email us new ones whenever you want to change them out.

Can I change up my photos?

Absolutely! You can change up your photos whenever you would like. Just email us new ones whenever you want to change them out. And with our Platinum and Premium vendor options, you are issued a username/password to change out your photos yourself anytime you would like.

Online packages do not include event registrations. Event registrations are seperate.

Instructions to Register

  • Click the package you want
  • Click Add to Cart
  • Click View Cart
  • Click Proceed to Checkout
  • Complete the form
  • From here, you will be able to pay with PayPal or a Debit/Credit Card


All vendor registration fees are final and nonrefundable. We do not guarantee sales for vendors. All transactions are between vendors and customers. The Shoppers Market shall not be held liable for any issues or transactions between vendors and customers.